Problem with 2FA docker synology

Hello. I have a problem and I need yours help.
I can’t add two-step verification via gmail, I get an error like in the screenshot:

In logs:

21:44:55 [2021-03-04 22:44:55.295][bitwarden_rs::api::core::two_factor::email][ERROR] Email 2FA is disabled stdout 
21:44:55 [2021-03-04 22:44:55.295][response][INFO] POST /api/two-factor/send-email (send_email) => 400 Bad Request 

I have bitwardenrs in docker on Synology.

You probably do not have smtp configured. Which is mandatory for sending emails, and thus email 2fa.

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@BlackDex thanks for your interest in my problem.
I have it set like this:

Do you know how to set up SMTP?


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Thank you very much for your help !!
Configured and it works!
I had to do this:

SMTP_USERNAME and SMTP_FROM it is my gmail
SMTP_PASSWORD this is not the password for my gmail account, but the password generated on my gmail for bitwarden, please use the link below: