BW_RS Reliability

Hello all,
I’ve recently switched form LastPass due to their new terms set in place for free users. I searched for alternatives, and found Bitwarden! I already had a Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) running, so I searched up some more guides and found Bitwarden_rs, perfect for my new needs. After a quick install, it was up and running and working as it should.
One of my “things” I look for in a product before I either buy it or use it, is the popularity and support for it. For Pi-Hole and Ubuntu, they are very well backed and I’m pretty sure they’ll be around for a bit. Same with Bitwarden, pretty good password manager with strong backing.
Bitwarden_rs, amazing for those like me looking for a solution for their passwords. But looking at the community and forums, it doesn’t show me much about the backside. So I come here with my question, can I rely on Bitwarden rs to be there when I need it, and receive updates from time to time? (Some features and security patches)