[SOLVED] Multi-arch in docker builds

I am wondering what would it take to make the images multi-architectural, such as caddy?

I have a docker-compose.yml designed for an amd64 deployment but would work perfectly fine on a Pi except for bitwardenrs/server doesn’t have an arm build. I’m pretty new to docker, so if this is a crazy request let me know, but it’s really convenient with other docker builds I’m using.

Edit: looking at the caddy Dockerfile it looks pretty simple. Looking at yours it might be a hard port.

The sqlite amd64 image works for multiarch builds using docker buildx pretty much as it is, but the problem is docker hub doesn’t support building them, so we’d have to migrate to another build system.

That said, you can use the bitwardenrs/server:raspberry instead, though it would require you to keep a different composer file per architecture.

If i’m not mistaken this being done now, so this would be resolved :).