[Send Error] 413 Request Entity Too Large

Hi, I’m using the latest tag (1.20.0) and was attempting to use the new Send functionality to send a file. However, it seems that while Bitwarden claims that the max file size is 100 MB, I’m seeing the following error when trying to use Send with a file just over 2 MB.

Note that it works fine with any file under 2 MB. Based on my own experience using Nginx to host various projects over the years, the Nginx client_max_body_size just needs to be increased. That said, I am pretty new to Docker and have exactly zero knowledge of Rust or how the BitwardenRS docker image is written, so I could be completely wrong about that.

Please let me know if I can provide any additional info that would be helpful.
Thanks for the help!

So… Why do you not instead the body size option in nginx?
There is no limit at the bitwarden_rs side, unless configured.

As I mentioned in my post, I’m a noob at docker and know nothing about Rust or the BitwardenRS image. I did check out the container but I couldn’t even find Nginx, let alone a config file where I could make that change.

Sorry, I’m clearly having a moment today. I updated the Nginx config on my host and it’s working as expected now. I had in my head that the container had its own web server for some reason. Thanks.

There is no nginx in the container. So you will not find it.
We do suggest people to use a reverse proxy in front of bitwarden_rs. So, i don’t know who you installed it, which tutorial you followed, but i think there is a reverse proxy in front of it which returns that message.

You are exactly correct. I use Nginx as a reverse proxy for about 15 different containers and completely neglected to think of the fact that everything routes through that. Thanks again for your help in figuring this out.

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