Invitation emails cannot be read properly

Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail open invitation emails as html code. Therefore, it is almost impossible to click the link as the lines end with “=”.

Thunderbird opens properly and displays the button. Users are forced to install Thunderbird just to accept the invitation.

I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to create user on behalf of them as admin?
  2. Is there any other workaround to this problem?


Hello @sse450,

If you see an = sign at the end you are probably using an old version.

There have been several updates and fixes done which are in the latest version.

Thank you clarifying.

But, I am using server:latest container. Did latest somehow fall behind?


server:1.17.0 corrected the issue. This means 1.17.0 is the latest.

latest is linked to 1.17.0, but you have to do a docker pull first else it will not update the local cached image.