Gcloud self-host issues

I must have followed this write-up a dozen or more times regarding setting up a self-hosted BW server but it is not accessible via the internet. I just get a “not accessible” message or a failure due to too many redirects.

The problem is, as far as I can tell the reverse proxy and the self-signed certs that get pulled from LetsEncrypt, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to pull out Rocket although the documentation here says you should not use Rocket it is enabled. I can see in the Caddyfile and Dockerfile the references but there’s still something out there.

I just want Caddy listening on 443 and BW on 3012. Cloudflare provides the certs for my domiain.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Rocket is the web framework that bitwarden_rs uses, so that’s always going to be there. You just should avoid using Rocket’s built-in TLS functionality (i.e., don’t set ROCKET_TLS).

You probably need to provide specific details about your config if you want specific advice.

I would love to be more specific if I could. My configs have only been modified in so far as to reflect what is requested by the author. I have ensured that all inbound ports (80, 443, 3012) are open and pointed only to that VM. When I comment out :



- caddycerts:/root/.caddy

from the docker-compose.yml file, I do get the default slanted Caddy page so I know traffic is passing, but add them back and I get infinite redirects. I’ve tried to contact the author who also is on this forum to no avail. Thanks for your help!