Docker .env file location

Hi I’d like to know where to put the .env file when running bitwarden on Docker.
For now, when I start the docker container it says:
FO] No .env file found.,

I know that I can run env vars when starting the container, but I’d like to be able to just change the .env file and restart the docker container


It’s not needed if you have all in docker -e parameters.
Also, it’s an informational message, only during start just to let the user know.

It’s mostly used without docker and during development testing.
If you want to use it you could use a --volume mount, but that would be to much o think.

The reason why I’m asking is that I need to enable account signup when I first run the conainer through the docker -e attribute in docker cli.
And after I create my first account I want to disable the creation of other accounts, so I have to remove the container and re-create it with the -e attribute set to false for enabling account signups.

You can see it’s a bit cumbersome. So is there another way of toggling the enable/disable account creation?

You can use the /admin interface. There you can take that feature on and off and save it. Keep in mind that after you change settings in the admin interface, the docker environment variables will be overruled even after restart.

But, you can keep that setting on disabled and just invite your self or anyone else via the same admin interface when you go to the users overview.

Thank you. I wasn’t aware of the admin interface